Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Thoughts On AKM101 So Far

I've never done this before in my whole entire life! So here goes...

1st Lesson - 1st Tutorial (7 Sept 2010)
I came to class filled with much anticipation and trepidation. I couldn't wait to find out what AKM101 was all about. At the same time, I was worried that my name would be called to answer questions for my brain wasn't working well that day (let's blame it on a hard day filled with meetings!).

When I left the class, I realised that in just under 3 hours, I did learn a lot, especially when Dr Yeap talked about the essence of guiding questions. What he said made me opened my eyes to the true meaning of guiding questions.
  1. Guiding questions act as scaffolds for pupils.
  2. If these questions do not have the property of being removed, then they are not good guiding questions.
  3. As teachers cum facilitators of lessons, we do not want our pupils to be dependent on guiding questions.
I never thought of guiding questions in that way before, espcially Point 2. I started to do a self-reflection on whether I've been fielding good guiding questions to my pupils all this while. Now, I am more conscious on the kind of questions I ask my pupils and I hope with this takeaway, I have improved a little as a teacher.

2nd Lesson - 1st Group Meeting (14 Sept 2010)
My first group meeting with Wan Lee, Jeannette, Swarna and Vincent. We worked well together, I'm glad! We dissected and analysed our project and planned on what to do and how to do it. We decided to divide the work up. That's one cooperative learning we were using - Expert Group!

I was tasked to find educational initiatives from the 2003 to 2005. It was quite a headache as everything and anything and nothing seemed like an initiative to me. Finally, I narrowed down to a few crucial ones - "Compulsory Education", "Teach Less, Learn More" and "Support For Children With Special Needs".

I hope I'm on the right track.

3rd Lesson - 2nd Group Meeting (21 Sept 2010)
We met up and each of us showed off our newfound knowledge of Singapore's educational initiatives to each other. What an overload of information. Soon, we felt lost, we didn't know what to do. There were so many 'initiatives', we didn't know which were the right ones. Were we going in the right direction?

We decided to stop and focus our minds so we won't go off tangent. It was a good move. We decided to show how these initiatives have impacted Math teaching and learning.

4th Lesson - 3rd Group Meeting (28 Sept 2010)
Yeah! Our project is ending soon! After deciding to narrow down our focus of our project, we divided our work. Today was supposed to be the day we put them all together. We checked on each others inputs and gave our ideas and opinions. It's great fun to work with people who accept your ideas and are always willing to refine them!

We got some videos but our editing skills are BAD! None of us knew much about editing a video. So Swarna, being a gentleman that he was, volunteered to find help back in his school. Vincent, Jeanette, Wan Lee and I did the checking and rechecking of slides.

What hard work we put in! At the end of the day, we knew we were almost done, just tying up of loose ends.

5th Lesson - 4th Group Meeting (5 Oct 2010)
We met at a new place this time (a restaurant, not McD!) with our notes and laptops. I arrived late as work was piling up in school. I can't wait for this project to be over! But this project allowed me to know and understand the education system better and the policies that drive the groundwork. Cos teachers usually see the micro view, thus this project let us have a big picture of Singapore's education.

We put together our slides and video. We realised we needed to make some changes as there were too many slides! The video has been edited but we decided to tweak some parts of it to suit our project. I volunteered to craft the last part of our project.

So we decided to meet again for the last time on Thursday for the final consolidation!

5th Group Meeting (7 Oct 2010)
Our last meet-up! We need to finish this by today! We met at 7pm and I confidently proclaimed that we would be done by 8.30pm, latest. I was so wrong!

We ran into a few glitches. We tidied up the slides. There were many slides to tidy! It was quite a headache. The final version of the video was up and ready but it was not saved in the correct format to be uploaded onto the PowerPoint slides. There was a heart attack moment when we thought we could not embed the video into the slides. Thankfully, Wan Lee's husband (THANK YOU!) saved the day. He did some computer magic and tada!

The summarising, the tidying up the uploading and the video took up a lot of time. Then the REAL HEART ATTACK MOMENT came. Silly me forgot to save the newly formated video in my thumbdrive. It was saved in one of the folders in the computer. Silly me did not bring the laptop charger along with me cos I thought we would not be long. So when the battery life became too low, I switched off my laptop and used Vincent's. Can you guess what silly me forgot to do? Yes! The video!

Thus, when we wanted to upload, we realised that there was no video! And I panicked! And all hell broke loose! Hahahaha! There was a technical difficulty while uploading too.......

Lesson learnt! Always save work in thumbdrive!!!

But I am so glad to say we're done with our first assignment! Yeah! And I absolutely enjoyed working with my group! They're the BEST!

6th lesson - 2nd Tutorial (12 Oct 2010)
Today's my second lesson with Dr Yeap. I wonder what he has in store for us today? More puzzles to solve? More questions to ask? More riddles to tickle our grey matter? I am looking forward to it.

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